The Transition Process

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Merging two institutions that carry more than a century of history apiece is no small task. At Mills, Vice President for Strategic Communications and Operations Renee Jadushlever is overseeing the project.

Alongside her Northeastern counterpart, Senior Vice Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Mary Ludden, Jadushlever has assembled teams into 10 distinct “workstreams” that will collaborate across campuses to tackle the many questions, large and small, that arise as Mills and Northeastern come together.

The workstreams cover:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Student Life
  • People
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Accreditation & Compliance
  • Enrollment Management
  • Campus Planning
  • Administrative
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing

In addition, there are three strategy integration teams that handle areas informing multiple workstreams. They are:

  • Research
  • Advancement
  • B2B (Corporate Engagement)

The workstreams and strategy integration teams began meeting virtually this past fall. Most workstreams consist of 12 members, with equitable representation from both schools and a variety of departments and disciplines. Each is overseen by both Mills and Northeastern area leaders, with designees to assist the leads. Northeastern is also providing five project managers to keep the work moving.

“I consider this one of the most critical roles I have been tasked with during my time at Mills. This is a consequential time for the College,” Jadushlever says. “I encourage everyone to be curious and engaged, to think boldly, and to remain focused on the work ahead of us, including centering equity and antiracism.”

There are more than 100 members of the Mills faculty and staff who are engaged with the transition, with expansion likely as the spring semester gets underway.