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Merger updates 

On January 18, Northeastern’s Faculty Senate voted to admit Mills College as the 10th college at Northeastern with a vote of 29-0-1. The vote officially gave Mills College at Northeastern University the authorization to grant degrees, and it creates a pathway for Mills faculty to serve on the Faculty Senate and the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. In the meeting, Provost David Madigan said that Mills

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Report From August Alum Forum

Image shows zoom meeting recording with multiple people. From top left to top right: Lynette Castille Hall. Has long white/blonde hair and brown glasses. Alumnae Relations has aurora borealis background, long black hair, and a black shirt. Dawn Cunningham has short brown hair and a turquoise v-neck shirt. Behind her is a book shelf. Nikole Adams has her hair pulled back and is wearing a black v-neck shirt. Her background is blurred, but behind her is a yellow wall. From middle left to middle right: Amanda Harper. Her blonde hair is pulled back and she is wearing a floral ruffled collar shirt. Lori Jacques has brown hair in a short bob, cat eyed glasses and a white vested blouse. Beth Kochly has dark shoulder length hair and a navy blue shirt. Her background is the Mills college campus. Beth Hellman in an office. She has short grayish/blonde hair, glasses, a purple shirt and a black button down blouse on. Behind her sits a picture on he wall. From bottom left to bottom right: Lucy Do has short dark hair and glasses on. Cristie Chung has shoulder length hair, glasses, and a cream colored top. Behind her is an image of Mills Hall.

On August 11, the Office of Alumnae Relations cohosted an online alumnae forum alongside the Alum Engagement Committee (AEC), a new group working with the Office of Alumnae Relations that formed last fall to support the relationship between Mills alums and the College as it embarked upon the merger with Northeastern. Questions were solicited through

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Engaging in Grassroots Problem-Solving

A newer element of Northeastern’s research offerings is a series of “impact engines” and “accelerators,” which are cross-divisional projects dedicated to solving a broad range of specific societal problems—and one of them will call the Mills campus home. Professor of Business Practice Carrie Maultsby-Lute, MBA ’11, who also serves as the director of the Center

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Student Life Adjusts Post-Merger

The Mills campus welcomed approximately 300 returning Mills students in addition to 500 first-year Northeastern students for the fall semester. The question of how to create a welcoming environment for all of those students is one that has occupied the collective minds of Mills’ Division of Student Life and Northeastern’s Student Affairs Office since well

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Merger Coverage

A repository for original articles and reposted content about Mills College’s merger with Northeastern University. Visit mills.edu/merger for more. Jump to: Board of Trustees Statement The following statement from the Board of Trustees was first published on the Mills website on April 15. Until July 1, you can view the original at mills.edu. We, the

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