Summer in the Emerald Isle 

Photos from a once-in-a-lifetime experience studying abroad in Ireland.

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A photo essay from the Quarterly’s student intern. 

Images and text by Dani Collins ’24 

This past summer, I participated in one of Northeastern’s study-abroad sessions, known as Dialogues of Civilization; specifically, Art Explorations in Ireland. While there, my group—about 20 of us, including three other continuing Mills students—focused on creating art within the vast landscape and what the area provided for us not only as artists, but as individuals. During my month-long stay, I was able to explore the rolling green hills of the Irish countryside, hike cliffs and ruined castles, and visit the bustling cities of Galway and Dublin. My time there was nothing but serene—the quiet landscape created a space for me to make art in a way like never before, but also to think more deeply about myself and those around me. I will forever be grateful for this incredible opportunity, and I hope I can return to Ireland in the future.