Photo shows alumni reuniting at reunion 2022. They are shown as a group in front of Mills Hall on the meadow under a tent. They all are smiling for the photo.

Reunion 2022

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It was an emotional and joyful affair as alumnae ranging from the classes of 1952 to 2022 gathered on the Mills campus from October 6–9 for Reunion 2022. In addition to annual activities such as professor lectures, campus tours, and class dinners, several new programs were introduced this year—including the reinvention of a Mills tradition in which alums carried lanterns to the Mills Hall fountain and joined together for “Fires of Wisdom” and other songs together as a group. Historically, students have kicked off a new school year with this procession; alums have now added their own unique spin to it. 

Reunion will return in future years; mark your calendars now for October 5–8, 2023, as we do it all over again!

Photos by Alli Novak

Photos below by Dana Davis & Zac Borja. To purchase prints, visit

Patricia Taylor Lee, Mary Parker Laurence, Gerry Wong Ching, Ann Winsor Doskow

Susan Wheeler McLaren, Cathy Henley-Erickson, Diann Giunta Scaravilli, Karen Van Hoesen Olson, Diana Seldeen Deene, Chris Ibach Holly, Joni Clute Settlemier, Peachy Williams Smalling

Katherine Letteer Haimson, Dianne Sanders Howlett

Top Row: Martha Irvine, Amanda Green Wheeler, Rosemary Cameron, Eleanor Johnson Keesee-Pratcher, Portia M. Morgan, Michelle Dong Hill, Electa Sam, Heidi Aberg Long 

Third Row: Deborah V. Harrison, Carolyn Devol, Bobbe Agostinho Stehr, Deborah Kimbrell, Martha deWeese, Kim Washburn Henry, Kristin Otwell, Terri Pallares, Joy E. Johnson 

Second Row: Lyndi Cain Widener; Sally Sugden Jesse, MA ’78; Diane Mei Lin Mark; Melody Matthews Lowman; Cathy Keyes; Suzanne Arnhart, MA ’74; Anita Unikel; Lynette Williams Williamson, MA ’74 

Front Row: Ann Boyce, MA ’74; Betty Colvin Santistevan; Melinda Wojtasiak Fambrough; Cynthia Truant; Micheline Beam; Paula Matthews; Linda Sun Crowder 

Lina Au

Top Row: Linda S. Goodrich, MFA ’82; Linda Heckendorn Hann; Viji Nakka-Cammauf, MA ’82; Melody Fuller

Front Row: Jennifer Scott Hannah, Penny Peak, Masayo Honjo, Kelli Stokes

Top Row: Marla Mundis, Tricia Kerr, Carrie Jones Lukasick, Cheryl Reid-Simons, Tanya Peacock

Front Row: Linda Au, Karina Weekes Bolger, Rita Morin, Thérèse Poncy, Cynthia D’Armand Wilken, Charlene Boddie Spencer

Top Row: Cherlene Sprague Wright, Becky Steckler, Sara Atwell, Shari Mundel Weiner, Ceci Mangus Ferer, Julia Almanzan, Sheila Briones Soo, Laura Custard Hurt

Third Row: Sonja Piper Dosti, Terry Sue George Harms, Ami Atkinson Combs, Libby Fike Coppo, Mary Lane Gallagher, Amy Wiens Windrope, Sarah Nash

Second Row: Lori Bass, Kim Alexander Yarbor ’90, Alexa Pagonas, Linda Jaquez-Fissori, Colleen Almeida Smith, Katherine Mahood ’93 (with Meighen Katz on phone), Annick Ma ’90

Front Row: Pamela Roper, Roni Blas Dahir, Anita Yang, Karlin Sorenson, Maricar Ramos, Kiyomi Cohn Ameriks, Kristy W. Louie, Kellidee Little ’90

Stacey Monteiro, MBA ’05; Natalee Kēlauhani Bauer, MA ’07; Jennifer Gallison, Jennifer Carter

Top Row: Selena September, Gillian Sneed, Sarah Townsend, Emily A. Anderson, Angie Holm, Amy Dewey

Front Row: Bekah Barnett, Melissa Roberts Beukema, Alison Nowak, Lacey Mamak, Marley Simmons-Abril

Merri Gordon; Claudia Mercado ’06, MBA ’07; Annie Abernathy; Jamila Williams; Britt Card; Jei Watkins

Top Row: Allison Marin, Kirstyne Lange, Jack Elliott

Front Row: Dana Webb; Alexis McGowen, MA ’12; Tymeesa Rutledge

Jann Ton, MA ’17

Alana Guth, MBA ’22; Tri-an Cao ’21, MFA ’22