Opening Message

A Report on the Quarterly Reader Survey

Happy fall, and welcome to a new academic year on the Mills campus! Even though Quarterly staff have been out of school for several decades, we still feel a sense of anticipation every time September rolls around. 

And with your input, we’re approaching a new era for the Quarterly as well. Our thanks to the approximately 150 of you who shared your opinion of the magazine via the reader survey that appeared in our spring issue. Some of you really love us, and some of you…don’t. But we will endeavor to appeal to as many members of the Mills community as we can as we keep moving forward. 

In the tradition of reader surveys of old, below are some statistics and selected quotes that we received. We are taking your answers to heart as we embark on a refresh of the Quarterly that we hope to unveil one year from now: with the fall 2024 edition.  

We need the Quarterly to build community and keep community.

There is very little I read in the Quarterly. None of the stories seem relevant to me.

I think the Q does a great job featuring current students, faculty, and recent graduates, who reflect the more modern Mills and how the racial balance is shifting on campus.

Don’t give up. Hang in there. For 40 years, I have enjoyed reading the Quarterly. It’s a reminder of who I am and what I represent.

I’m having a really difficult time with this whole survey. Reading the Quarterly now is almost too painful. The only thing I can envision being interested in in the Quarterly is news about alumnae I personally know. 

Everything is always well-written and enjoyable to read.

To be honest, I haven’t read much of the Quarterly over the last year because I’ve been grieving the merger and trying to distance myself from Mills as I work through all of that. But after attending an in-person event and the virtual forum, I again feel connected to the campus.

The last issue was so interesting. I hope to receive more Quarterly issues for many years!

I’d love to read more from alums—not so much what they’re up to, but about their work, creative or otherwise.

I support the Quarterly and am confident that it will remain a major source of communication with alums.

I particularly like to read historical articles on Mills.

I love having a hard copy. This works best for me to toss it in my work bag and open as needed without downloading and finding my spot on a PC.

Thank you for publishing this engaging alumni magazine! It’s amazing to hold it in my hands and read, away from the phone and computer. It keeps me connected to Mills.

At some point, offer online only options so we can opt out of print version. More sustainable and cost-effective.

To be honest, I usually don’t read much unless it really pulls at me, which is rarely. I think I’d like to if our class were represented, but we are not involved and haven’t had a secretary for years.

Keep up that representation!

I cannot agree with some of the content published in the Quarterly, but I read and see varying opinions.

I think the magazine is excellent as it stands. Keep up the good work!

The Quarterly is boring.

I like the idea of staying in touch/celebrating the Mills community (alumnae, staff/faculty, current students), but [the Quarterly] does not do that. I’ve heard this from all fellow alums I know (also my sister, a Bent Twig).

Love the Quarterly. I’m interested in how Mills and Northeastern knit themselves together. I hope the Quarterly remains a print mag and doesn’t go entirely digital.

I think you guys are great, but please don’t change your name. Many of us are still struggling with the “Northeastern” thing, and if the name changes too soon, it will feel like there is nothing for us anymore. (I also love how old school it feels to cut a survey out and mail it!)

A quick response to those last two comments: The magazine will absolutely continue as a print publication, and we have no plans to change our name! 

Remember that you can always get in touch with us with your feedback at any time by emailing