New academic year now underway

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There are four different groups of students on the Mills campus this fall. They are:

First-Year Four-Year Students  

This cohort of approximately 520 is the first group to enroll on Northeastern’s Oakland campus with the option to stay throughout their entire undergraduate careers. Since the programs unique to Mills College at Northeastern are still under construction (more info to come later this academic year), these students are choosing one of 14 majors across four primary subject areas that are already available through other colleges in the Northeastern network: computer science, business administration, health sciences, and biology, along with related combined majors. 

These first-years are also required to participate in a comprehensive track of events and lectures known as an Experiential Trek, which will revolve around the theme of experiential entrepreneurship

Global Scholars 

Previously known as NU Bound and NUin, Global Scholars is a Northeastern program that sends yet-to-enroll students to locations around the world before they start their first years of college in Boston next fall. This fall’s nearly 320 Global Scholars in Oakland will be replaced by a different group in the spring who are currently spending their first semesters in London or Boston. As with last year’s NU Bound and NUin cohorts, these students will be immersed in the local community and Bay Area. (And much work has been done over the summer to align the academic experiences between the United States and the UK, where grading is just one major area that differs.) 

This year’s Global Scholars must also participate in experiential entrepreneurship programming. 

New Graduate Students 

Similar to first-year four-year students, these newly enrolled scholars—about 120 in total—are specializing in studies that were already part of Northeastern’s offerings pre-merger. These master’s of science programs include information systems, business management, analytics, biotechnology, game design, bioinformatics, and tracks in computer science and information systems that are specifically engineered for students whose bachelor’s degrees aren’t necessarily in STEM fields or other similarly non-technical backgrounds.

While experiential entrepreneurship activities are open to these students, they are not required to participate. 

Continuing Mills Students 

This group of about 100—which comprises mostly juniors and seniors but does include some graduate students as well—is the last set of students who enrolled at an independent Mills College. Those who are rooming on campus have been grouped together in apartment housing to help maintain affinity among this special cohort. The majors and degrees that this set of students is completing do not necessarily fall into the same categories as those being undertaken by new arrivals on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Nevertheless, they are also welcome to take part in experiential entrepreneurship programs.