First academic programs in place

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Familiar fare is among the first four undergraduate programs that will commence on the Mills campus next year. 

Northeastern programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Health Sciences, and Biology will grant degrees in those four subject areas as well as a total of 10 combined majors. Several of those will incorporate the humanities, such as computer science & design and business administration & communication studies. Recruitment is underway now for students to enroll starting in fall 2023. 

“These are Boston-based programs that we’re bringing onto our campus, but we’re going to add our own flair,” says Interim Dean Beth Kochly. “There will likely be some new courses that our faculty have historically taught and want to bring in as electives.” 

Graduate offerings are also starting to come into focus. Eight of them are existing Northeastern master’s degrees that will find another home on the Mills campus, such as information systems, analytics, and game design. The Mills School of Education also plans to re-implement its graduate-level coursework for single-subject and multi-subject credentials, contingent upon approval from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and for early childhood education and educational leadership. 

Kochly emphasizes that these moves are happening while work is underway for developing the full curriculum for Mills at Northeastern—and that she understands the intense interest behind what those programs will be. But because of the nature of how courses and majors need to be approved (by Northeastern’s Faculty Senate) and re-accredited (by the New England Commission of Higher Education), that information won’t be publicly available until the processes are complete. 

“Our faculty are really driving this, and they’re the ones coming up with these ideas. For instance, how do we train computer scientists to have a lens of antiracism and gender equity?” she says. “We’re really trying hard to bring our legacy forward, but we won’t be able to make a formal announcement on what that will look like for a while.” 

A partial list of courses offered on the Mills campus in the fall 2022 semester:

Ancient Philosophy & Political Thought
Current Issues in Cities & Suburbs
Fundamental Architectural Design
Global Literature
International Business & Social Responsibility
Making a Musical
Modern Art & Design History
Native American Resistance
Nonprofit Organizations & Social Change
Principles of Microeconomics
Race, Class, & Gender
Sex, Gender, & Pop Culture
Social Change & Human Services
Sustainable Development
Technology & Human Values
Topics in Genre
Understanding Today’s News