Spring 2022

The Write Stuff by Rachel Leibrock, MFA ’04: In its various iterations, the student newspaper at Mills has taught its writers and editors the basics of journalism and sent many off into careers in media.

A New Leaf by Tri-an Cao ’21, MFA ’22: Mills Weekly, Mills Stream, The Campanil—they all trace their roots back to the fall of 1917.

Transitions: Growth & A Graduate School by Moya Stone, MFA ’03: A recounting of the Aurelia Henry Reinhardt era at Mills, which saw the first men admitted as graduate students. The second in a series of three stories.

Riding the Wooden Wave: The new interactive art installation on campus.

Updates on Northeastern Merger and Mills Institute

Spring 2022

Photo by Ruby Wallau

Northeastern Students Learn Mills Traditions: In her role as director of orientation and family programs, Jillian Mosley ’18 took seriously the responsibility of teaching Northeastern’s Leading Social Change spring cohort about the Mills community. Click here to read more.

Student Services: How the Northeastern merger is affecting the academic experience. Click here to read more.

Campus Refreshments: The work to prepare the Mills campus for an estimated 1,000 Mills and Northeastern students this fall will be a “fine-tuned ballet” in the months ahead. Click here to read more.

Mills Alums Moving Forward: A series of virtual discussion groups got underway this past fall, as an independent group of alums look to ensure that the community’s voice is heard during merger negotiations. Click here to read more.

Winter 2022

The Transition Process: Merging two institutions that carry more than a century of history apiece is no small task. At Mills, Vice President for Strategic Communications and Operations Renee Jadushlever is overseeing the project. Click here to read more.

Facts About the Merger: While there are many details that are being worked out about the impending merger of Mills College and Northeastern University, a number of core tenets are already in place. Click here to read more.

Northeastern Pilots Spring Social Justice Program at Mills: While the merger between Mills and Northeastern University won’t be complete until later this year, a new academic program at the College this spring will get the ball rolling. Click here to read more.

Exchange Students: Almost immediately after the merger agreement between Mills and Northeastern was signed on September 14, 2021, officials from both schools started a series of cross-continental visits to bring the two institutions together on a more personal level. Click here to read more.

The Mills Institute Comes to Life: What is an Institute? In the weeks and months following President Hillman’s March announcement that Mills College would transition into a non-degree-granting institute, this question was asked many times. Click here to read more.